IT Workshops in a Box seeks to engage middle school girls in the information and technology field through a series of targeted, interactive and education workshops and to share the workshop resources with other girl serving organizations. IT Workshops in a Box started in 2015 with the help of Cisco Network Academy, Center for Information and Communication Sciences at Ball State University, Department of Technology at Ball State university, and Women Working in Technology


 Welcome to the instructions for IT workshop in a Box training sessions.    

In this project we have created a series of 11 (eleven) workshops full of fun, educational activities meant to help young girls in middle school feel empowered to begin a life-long process of learning more about the technology all around them. Join us in our mission to encourage girls to learn about technology by participating in the free IT workshops in a Box technology series. 

basic electricity workshop

 This workshop teaches the basics of an electrical series circuit and describes personal communication technology that uses electrical circuits and LEDs. 

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Binary Workshop

 Binary is the cornerstone of almost all IT communications. Participants are able to recognize computer communicates using binary. They also learn to encode and decode a message.

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game design workshop

 Participants work through the process of creating a game. They start by creating their own storyboards. Then they began to develop their own flappy bird game. And lastly they test their peers games. 

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 In this workshop participants learn about computer security and ways to keep their computers and their information secure.

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product design workshop

 Usability and user-centered design is a key consideration in product development. Participants designed a product and then led focus groups that used classic innovation games to improve upon their original design.

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computer breakdown workshop

 Participants learn about the hardware in computers and how each component works together to make the machines we have today.

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program a friend

 Participants learned basic computer programming and software engineering concepts by building a course, then steering a blindfolded friend through it by using a series of commands. They then re-ran the maze to improve on their program.

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Computer programming

 Participants learn about computer programming and use Codecademy to complete some programming. This workshop is more advanced and it is advised to complete the Program a Friend workshop first. 

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web design workshop

 Participants learn how to create their first website using HTML and CSS.

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finding facebook - an internet game

 Participants will learn how information goes across a network (such as the Internet) to travel from source to destination. Participants will be assigned into one of the following roles: router, routing information packet, or data packet.

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artificial intelligence

 This workshop covers the definition and how to identify artificial intelligence. Participants also discuss uses and possible dangers of artificial intelligence.  

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