Meet our Speakers


Gail Farnsley, Opening Keynote

Diversity & Analytics: How Can We Avoid Creating "Bias at Scale"? 

Vice-President and Executive Partner, Gartner

Gail partners with CIO and other executive clients as a trusted advisor, focusing in particular on global technology and business strategy planning, cost optimization, and helping her clients build high-performance teams.

Gail’s degree in computer science (Bowling Green State University) led to a career of expanding responsibility in information technology at Public Service Indiana, Emery Air Freight and Georgia-Pacific.  She then got her MBA at Krannert School of Management before joining Cummins, where she eventually became VP of global information technology and CIO.  

After Cummins, Gail took a “reverse sabbatical” – returning to Purdue as Visiting Professor at Purdue Polytechnic where she co-taught a Women in Technology course.  She developed a CIO Leadership course as well as a study abroad program that allowed students to visit India over spring break to learn about the IT services industry.  

She also worked with the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) where she launched the Affinity Group Alliance, allowing affinity groups and networking organizations across the globe to share promising practices and provide members access to cutting-edge research-based strategies for recruiting, retaining and advancing women.  

Gail lives in Indianapolis with her husband Art, a professor at IUPUI.  Their grown daughters live with their husbands in England and Lithuania.  

Tracy Galloway is a visionary, inspirational business leader in Technology industry with unique tale

Tracy Galloway, Lunch Keynote

Are you Leadership “X” Ready? 

Tracy Galloway is a visionary, inspirational business leader in Technology industry with unique talent to lead an organization through transformation. She brings depth and clarity to address fast-paced, complex marketplace challenges, and drives economic growth for firms through creative, big, bold strategies. Galloway is well-respected for swiftly developing and executing organizational blueprint and scaling for broad impact.

Galloway currently leads a billion dollar plus business within Microsoft. She is responsible for landing revenue & profit goals, leading the sales & services organization, and managing overall P&L. Galloway and her team manage board and executive relationships at some of the world’s largest Global Enterprise companies and focus on driving Digital transformation with clients, securing the enterprise and helping enterprise build economic moat harnessing the power of Digital. 

Previously, Galloway held the position of VP Strategy, Segments, Alliances and Industry Verticals for Hewlett Packard Enterprise across North and South America. Her Alliances team was responsible for creating and strengthening partnerships between industry leading SIs and ISVs and working in partnership with Healthcare, Telco, Manufacturing, Retail and Financial Industry teams to capitalize and drive profitable sales growth. Prior to that Galloway served as VP & Country Leader of HP’s US Technology Services Sales. She was responsible for leading a multi-billion-dollar organization, defining sales strategy, and accountable for the business P&L driving strong margin performance to meet HP’s aggressive growth goals. Before joining HP, Galloway held leadership positions at Unilever Corporation, responsible for North America sales teams and new product launches.

Over the last few years, Galloway has been recognized as one of the Top 100 Most Powerful Women of the Channel and named Channel Chief by CRN Magazine.  She served on many leadership councils, strategic task force teams as well as spends her time mentoring young professionals. She has also been a featured speaker at Diversity and other leadership seminars.


Stephanie Wilson

Creating Spaces Where Ideas Flourish

Stephanie Wilson believes everyone has great ideas. Using this philosophy, she has spurred on the recruitment team which brought in the highest enrollment in the Ball State Graduate School’s history. 

As a passionate idea generator, Stephanie is a facilitator in collaborative spaces promoting individual’s high-quality ideas, inspiring even typically silent parties to share their perspective. Stephanie’s expertise lies in creating new spaces for collaboration and learning: she has built academic and non-credit programs; university off-site centers; infrastructure; and teams. She specializes in creating order out of ambiguous situations.  Leveraging both of her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Ball State University and broad experiences, she connects those who cross my path with resources for success. 

An avid gardener and equestrian, both infuse the power of connection in Stephanie’s life.  Living in a small, rural Indiana community, relationships are critical to life.  She and her husband Jay enjoy time with Jackie, their beloved miniature donkey; their two horses, Pebbles and Grace; and a sweet burro, Tikki.   


Dr. Rob Mathews

Creating Spaces Where Ideas Flourish

Dr. Rob Mathews is the Director and Operations Manager of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprise at Ball State University. He is also an Instructor of Management in the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship Center in the Miller College of Business. 

Mathews previously served as the Assistant Director of the Entrepreneurship Center in the Miller College of Business. During his tenure in the Entrepreneurship Center, the Entrepreneurship Center earned various accolades, such as U.S. News & World Report national rankings (numerous, most recently 2016), 2013 USASBE National Model Program Award, 2013 GCEC Excellence in Specialty Entrepreneurship Education Award, and the #1 ranking in U.S. News & World Report’s 2011 special issue on Most Impactful Classrooms on the Outside World.  

Rob is the co-author of Entrepreneurship the Disney Wayand the co-creator of the Entrepreneurial Leadership Instrument. He is a certified trainer, facilitator, and consultant in the Simplexity Complex Problem Solving Process. He is trained in Simplexity Applied Creativity levels I (Personal Integration), II (Team Integration), III (Organizational Integration), and IV (Train the trainer), as well as having the designation of Professional Innovation Advisor(PIA). He is also a certified Gallup StrengthsFinderand Builder Profile-10 (BP-10; formerly Entrepreneurial Profile-10), Myers-Briggs, DiSC, and Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile coach and facilitator. 


Emily Harshman

Getting Past Your Limiting Beliefs

Emily is a lean organizational change design specialist, with more than 20 years of business experience, and 8 years of experience in the IT industry. Organizational change management, empowerment, scaling with LeSS and SAFe, and Agile transformation is her specialty. She helps teams and organizations transform from a fixed mindset to a more adaptive mindset. 

She is an Agile Trainer, Agile Coach, and practicing director for Agility Consulting.  Emily is a dynamic Agile executive with demonstrated experience in business transformation across 5 different industries. She has provided motivational techniques to shift paradigms and encourage continuous productivity. As a strategic leadership advisor, she inspires change, implement strategic Lean methodologies, and facilitate employee development. She develops, implements, and sustains Agile transformations from the enterprise to the team level. He also consistently increases operational efficiency and rates of return through forecasting and customized roadmaps.  Emily holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business and a Master’s Degrees in Business Administration. Her goal is to empower and help teams, organizations, and people to fulfill their potential and widely succeed in what they do everyday.


Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones is a business analyst consultant in Indianapolis, a CICS grad from the class of 2013, and a new mom! Sarah enjoys helping clients solve business problems through first understanding the issue and then helping identify a business or technical solution that fits. 


Diana Williams

Getting Past Your Limiting Beliefs

Diana Williams is an experienced Agile Coach and Trainer. She has worked in both the public and private sectors, providing enterprise level Agile coaching. She is a passionate learner and teacher. Diana oversaw systems that had several billions of dollars’ flow through them. 

Her teams have recognized significant productivity gains, improved quality, and better predictability. Diana is a rising star in the Agile space. She is empathic with her teams and stakeholders, helping them achieve things they did not realize were possible. She has received numerous praise from her clients and teams.

When Diana is not coaching teams or leading projects, she is very family focused. She especially loves spending time with her grandchildren. As a mother and grandmother, she is an advocate for women working in technology.


Joel Patrick

Artificial Intelligence and Why It Matters to You

Joel Patrick worked most of his career with Saint-Gobain, one of the oldest glass manufacturing companies in the world. He came to Muncie to join the quality management team.  After completing the CICS Master's in 2003, his career moved to information technology.  Since his recent retirement, he has been advising a number of companies on information technology strategic subjects. 


Darren Tarrell

Agile for Everyone

Darren Terrell is the VP of Enterprise Agile Coaching for Project Brilliant. As a senior transformation specialist, he helps organizations and teams to focus on and deliver more real business value. Darren is a proven management consultant that has coached senior leadership to improve business agility. He has also trained and mentored scores of managers/ to better engage their employees and improve their effectiveness as leaders.

During his career, Darren has technically architected enterprise solutions for industry leading companies. He has overseen large software development and data sections, including systems that had over $16 billion in revenue flowing through them annually. Darren built an Agile consulting practice from the ground up for a global professional services company.

Darren has obtained numerous Agile certifications, is a licensed Agile Fluency Facilitator and conference speaker. He is a board member and conference coordinator for the Agile Cincinnati and Agile Indy User Groups.


Steve Moore

Artificial Intelligence and Why It Matters to You

Steve Moore came to Muncie in 1999 to run IT projects at Ball-Foster Glass (which later became Saint Gobain & Ardagh). In the preceding 25 years he wrangled emerging information technologies for northern Indiana’s Electronics and Foodndustries. Steveretired in 2013 but he and Linda are still in Muncie enjoying the weather. 

Session Descriptions

Diversity & Analytics: How Can We Avoid Creating "Bias at Scale"?

By: Gail Farnsley, Vice-President and Executive Partner, Gartner

Algorithms silently wreak havoc by influencing decisions on employment, admissions, pricing, policing, and penalties. Diversity needs to be a key principle of data and analytics. Algorithms intentionally need to encompass the diversity that you can see—gender, race, age—and the diversity that you can't see—work style, personality type.

Are you Leadership “X” Ready?

By: Tracy Galloway, Regional VP, Great Lakes, Microsoft  

Just as the pace of technology has accelerated, so has the need to adapt our personal and leadership style to capitalize on the next “X”.  

Tracy will share how she has reinvented herself multiple times, most recently leveraging the massive cultural shift within Microsoft,  to become a more resilient and authentic leader.  

Technology continues to shape our lives and careers, driving the need for agility. A foundation of WHY, growth mindset and measuring for impact have been the driving forces behind her success.  

Creating Spaces Where Ideas Flourish

By: Stephanie Wilson and Rob Mathews

Have you ever stopped yourself from sharing an idea? Ever shared an idea and had the idea shot down quickly? Has anyone listened to a concept you developed and encouraged you to implement it?

Studies show in strong communities, ideas receive honor.  In our businesses, schools, not-for-profits, communities, families, and spiritual lives, sometimes-new concepts receive premature judgement.  As a passionate idea generator, I cannot wait to share Simplexity® - a process you can use to creatively solve problems and allow ideas to flourish. This session will give you the opportunity to take the Basadur Profile, which helps develop happy, collaborative teams and individuals that can innovate effectively and sustainably.  

Breaking through to a New Level of Success and Fulfillment

By: Diana Williams and Emily Harshman

Does your career and daily life seem to be creating the same issues over and over again? Do you feel stunted in your career or at your place of work? You may be limiting your own progress.  What if there was a way to figure out what beliefs are limiting your success and progress at work and at home?  There is so much going on balancing work and home, it is much easier to keep going down the known road versus trying to break through and reach a higher level of success.  Come join us and learn how to identify and break through your limiting beliefs to accelerate your rate of success and level of happiness at work and at home!

What is AI and why Should we Care About it?

By: Joel Patrick  and Steve Moore

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is about machines being able to carry out tasks in a way that people would consider smart. AI is often discussed with or as Machine Learning. We will be looking at the problems and challenges with AI and in the form of a machine learning. We will understand impact that AI has on IT and business, specifically within new roles and how AI is already impacting businesses. Has it impacted yours yet? We will help answer these questions and provide more insight into what AI looks like for you.

Agile for Everyone

By: Darren Tarrell

Organizations should be making their employees, customers, and partners AWESOME!  This presentation will walk through ideas and practices that allow for people to perform at their best while loving their contribution or consumption of a product or service.  Break out of the boring business as usual model and step into making people awesome!  The session will be presented by Darren Terrell, an experienced organizations, leadership, and team coach with years of experience helping people love what they do and to be empowered to do marvelous things.