Presentation Topics

Positive Psychology

Michelle Shaw (Ball State University) and Sean Southern (Indiana University) will discuss positive psychology, and how to get, keep or regain your confidence.

Securing Your Personal and Professional Life

Join our panel of experts to discover how to protect your children, yourself and your organization from Internet security threats. You will come away from the session with tools to help you live in our connected world with confidence that you can identify potential threats and take action to secure your digital life.

Julie Phealon
Advisor, Global Information Services
Eli Lilly and Company

Kevin Scott
Security Analyst Sr.
National Government Services, Inc.

Deb Howell
Assistant Director for Information Security Operations
Ball State University


Telling Your Authentic Story

Amy Hershman will help attendees understand that every work, personal, student experience has relevance and it is important to continue to hone skills and position messaging to highlight all of the chapters of your story.

Social Media

Do I need it? And if so why? Join us in a discussion about etiquette, platforms, things to watch out for and your questions.

Unconference Session

This year, some of the breakout sessions will be held as “unconference sessions.” Attendees will come with ideas, questions, or topics they’d like to talk about, and the top four will be voted on before the sessions begin. People may bring short presentations or demos of their ideas, if they think it’ll be beneficial to the conversation. The goal is to explore, teach, and learn about new topics. The power is in the participants’ hands!