Presentation Topics

8:45-9:30 Educate Session

Digital Disruption

Tracey Seward

Digital Disruption…. are you ready to #disrupt? Facebook recently turned 10, and boasts 1.2 billion monthly active users – that’s nearly the entire population of China. A billion mobile subscribers were added in the last 4 years to leave the total standing at an estimated 6.8 billion. Connected devices are predicted to reach 212 billion by 2020. We’re definitely not in Kansas anymore! In this unprecedented era of technology change, and an “always on” economy, the opportunities for women in technology are endless. But it will be important to chart your pace in the digital race. Are you ready to #disrupt in a world of digital disruption?
9:30-10:30 Educate Session

Data Analytics Panel

Suzanne Plesha

Marketers learned early on that data could help them know customers better and create messages for specific audience segments. Now, social media, access to big data and a rising demand for accountability is causing even greater emphasis on customer experience and the ability to measure marketing’s value in that journey. This business imperative requires the “real time” capture, integration and analysis of many types of data gathered across company silos to create a 360-degree view of the customer. For a variety of reasons, most organizations are not prepared to implement this type of unified marketing data strategy nor do they have the agility needed for the effective use of data once it is collected. This talk will give an overview of current challenges surrounding big data and the best practices savvy companies are implementing to achieve greater marketing success.
2:00-3:00 Inspire Session

Heart Based Work in a High Tech World

Estelle Broduer and Lauren Lawrence

Considering the body as an information system, you will learn how “getting to the heart of the matter” can interrupt the stress response, engage our minds and bodies in order to renew our sense of purpose at work, develop more effective relationships, and promote healthier, thoughtful decisions. Lauren and Estelle will engage participants through interactive prompts related to values identification, work fulfillment, and stress reduction, and offer effective practices that foster confidence, teamwork, and connection.
3:15-4:15 Inspire Keynote

Taking Charge of Disrupting Yourself

Melissa Norcross

Non-linear lives and career paths are no longer the exception, they are the rule. Learning how to harness the valuable principles of disruptive innovation can make all the difference. How do you create a system and a network around you that supports healthy disruption? How do you harnesses it’s power as a positive change in your life? How do you decide when to “disrupt” the course of your career and when to stay the traditional course? What kinds of people should you cultivate in your network to help in this process?