Presentation Topics


Latisha Schmitt and Julie Kratz -How to Engage Male Allies in Your Career

Join us for an interactive discussion on how to engage male allies in your career. Together, we will discuss four proven strategies for men and women to succeed together.

Kristen Cooper – Startup and Scale your Idea or Business

Have a BIG idea? Whether you’re an intrapreneur at a large company or an entrepreneur building your first startup, you need a methodology to determine if your idea is viable and worth pursuing. Kristen will walk you through the process that startups utilize to go from idea, to market, to growth.

Amy Barg – Mindset for Growth

Growth doesn’t happen accidentally. To grow in self-awareness, character, skills, and relationships requires intentional action steps and favors those willing to tackle the issues head-on. When an individual grows, they not only improve the quality of their personal and professional life but they also have more to offer to others. You’ll leave this session with a new lens for viewing what may be keeping you “here” when you want to be “there.” And, you’ll receive some insanely practical steps for moving forward on your own growth journey.


Diana Williams – Open Spaces

Open Space Technology (OST) is an approach to purpose-driven leadership, including a way for hosting meetings, conferences, corporate-style retreats, symposiums, and community summit events, focused on a specific and important purpose or task — but beginning without any formal agenda, beyond the overall purpose or theme.

Dr. Nicole Hawkins – Mission Minded Career Success

Dr. Hawkins’ research findings revealed an emerging construct she entitled “leadership capital”. Dr. Hawkins describes leadership capital as a refined concept entailing leader development and maximizing human capital talents and relationships for the work place and beyond. This interactive workshop will introduce the Leadership Capital concept to the audience and provide a framework for identifying one’s intra and interpersonal relationship strengths to maximize personal and professional growth from the individual to the organizational level and beyond.

Michael Wolfe – Artificial Intelligence: Can We Trust the Decisions Being Made?

Artificial Intelligence technologies have the ability to make our lives better, safer, and raise our quality of life but there are aspects of this technology category that require some intentional thought and careful governance in order for us to all benefit safely.  We will explore the aspects of this technology category that are most sensitive and discuss actions we can take in order to ensure the viability of AI remains relevant and safe for all of us.

Sarah Jones – Open Networking

Sarah Jones is Senior Business Analyst with Digital Management, LLC. She is also an alumna of the Center for Information and Communication Sciences. She will be leading this session that will cover how to network efficiently and effectively.

The goal of this session is to practice networking techniques while discussing topics that are relevant and you all hopefully find interesting.

What is networking? It’s not just saying, “Hi, I’m Sarah. I’m a business analyst. I’d like to connect. Here’s my business card.”

The best kind of networking is when you can connect with someone by having a conversation that’s quick and memorable. You leave a lasting impression not because of your resume, but because of how you come across and how you present your ideas.