Professional Headshot Tips

A good business headshot reflects who you are as a professional and compliments your resume.

First impressions matter and this may be the first time future employers see you! It is important to remember that your personal social media photos on something like Facebook may not be appropriate for a business site like LinkedIn. And if you have no LinkedIn photo currently, consider the advice given to me by a friend: “People make connections with people when they network – if don’t have a photo on your LinkedIn, it’s like you’re walking around a networking event with a paper bag over your head”.

Here are some tips to get a winning professional headshot:


  • Opt for plain, mid-tone colors – avoid distracting patterns, flesh tones that may blend in with your skin, or stark blacks and whites that may blend into the background
    • Jewel tones like navy, forest green, amethyst, and maroon flatter all complexions

  • Dress in clothes that are appropriate for the workplace
  • Accessorize with simple, understated items – you want to be the focus, not your jewelry!
  • Sit with one shoulder closer to the camera to create a more flattering angle
  • Smile! Business doesn’t mean stern – Take a moment to relax before saying “cheese” to create a natural smile