Links To Presentations

Click the links below to download the slide shows presented at this year’s conference. Due to file size, some document downloads are in compressed zip files. Having trouble with downloads? Contact for assistance.


Opening Keynote – Let Curiosity Drive You

Lauren Koenig, CEO and Founder of TWIP

Thinking Inside and Outside the Box

Megan McNames, Product Owner, Emplify


Data Analytics PART 1: Statistics Lie: How to Make the Most of your Presentation
Data Analytics PART 2: Deep Dive with Data… and Sharks!

David Pilkington, Director – Software Engineering, Ontario Systems

CJ Clingler, Compliance Analyst, Ontario Systems

Career Chat – Advanced Leadership

Michelle Shaw, Independent IT Consultant, Luetschine Consulting

Career Chat – Young Professionals: Networking and Perfecting the Pitch

Melanie Howe, President, Addison Avenue Marketing

How to Think Like an Entrepreneur, Even When You’re Not

Suzanne Plesha – Director of Faculty Support and Assessment, Office of Entrepreneurial Learning at Ball State

Self-Aware and Successful

Becky Perez, Diabetes IT, Eli Lilly and Company


Stop and Smell the Success

Sarah Stefl, Creative Communications Manager, PayPal

The “Hidden Figures” to Increasing Black Girls’ Access to STEM

Bryant Seaton, IT Global Business Analyst, Rolls-Royce North America

Leadership Isn’t Only for “Leaders”

Todd Finnell, Director – Product Development, ADESA

Design Thinking in an Agile Environment

Amy King, Sr. UI/UX Designer & Developer, Allegient – A DMI Company

Congratulations, You Failed: Embracing Failure, Encouraging Innovation

Rebecca Parker, Technology Coordinator, Muncie Public Library