2015 Conference

Building Your Personal Career Brand – Drea Shaver
One million people can do your job. What makes you special? Not sure where your career is heading? How do you market yourself? How do people view you? What do you offer your company or a potential employer? If you want help or would like to learn more about how to answer these questions, join Drea Shaver for some insight on how you can learn to build your personal career brand. The session isn’t just for those starting out. It’s also for those mid-career finding themselves looking for something new, different, or facing a job market that has changed.

Innovation and Creativity Workshop – Trish Geirhart
In this session you will learn how to think more creatively, increase effectiveness, approach problems from unique perspectives, realize new opportunities, and develop creative solutions that foster innovation.

Many Perspectives and Successes of Effective Networking – Michelle Shaw and Chelsea Holmes
If we had to guess, not a day goes by where you don’t hear that you need to build you network. Whether it’s advancing your existing career, finding a new career, increasing your social life, or finding volunteer organizations, networking is the most critical success factor. But networking, as we have all experienced, can be challenging and intimidating. What better way to learn than from the successes of others? In this session, we will discuss many different networking experiences from people at different stages in their careers. We will personally share our networking success stories from the perspective of a recent graduate and of someone mid-career. We look forward to you also sharing your successes. Let’s join together, learn how to enhance our successes through networking, and, of course, network with one another during this interactive session.

Powerful Pauses – Karen Mangia
When was the last time an event in your life prompted you to take a meaningful pause? Maybe it was feedback from your boss, the loss of someone you care about, or unplanned changes. How can you transform your life by inserting pauses of your own choosing? There’s power in pausing, and I’ll share my personal story with you as well as lessons learned along the way.

Tools and Tips to Grow Career Opportunities that Root from STEM
Do you have or are you earning a degree in a Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math (STEM) related field? Are you interested in developing skills that are necessary to obtain and advance in STEM-related job and career opportunities? Do you need to develop the necessary tools to maximize growth of your STEM-related career? This interactive panel session is targeted toward women of any career stage that are driven to succeed and/or lead in their respective STEM-related field, organization, or corporation.